vendredi 23 avril 2010

10ème Traversée de Paris

This morning, was the 10th annual Traversée de Paris in (duh) Paris. So my father and I went there to see some of the 400 cars expected. We went to place de la concorde to see what was what and then went up to the Trocadéro. Then, my uncle called me on mu phone and told me that he decided to come with his bugatti because I didn't want to miss any of the fun. So he said that he and his daughter were waiting on Place Concorde for me. So I rushed down there and saw this enormous, yet beautiful Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio parked. I went and said hi and got in. It was so very exciting. We did a little classic tour of Paris (Place Vendome, Concorde, Opéra, Champs Elysées, Trocadéro) before parking with all the other cars at the Trocadéro. It was very exciting. all eyes were on us !
I didn't take many photos probably because of the bad weather but I'll post onetaken inside the Bugatti.

Sorry for the bad quality but it was about 8h30AM and it was very dark.